Kanye West’s Self-Awareness

Kanye West is the realization of his own self-awareness. Self-Awareness is like an onion one must peel off the layers in order to find one’s true self.  He is finally peeling off the onion that addiction to fame is killing his soul. His most recent albums have shown this self-awareness with powerful songs that are fuelled with his own language for crying for help. The rest of us, particularly people who rush onto social media to mock Kanye West’s campaign rally as he was smoking a blunt, could use Kanye’s West self-awareness. 

As most people know, I am a major fan to Kanye West. I have bought most of his shoes, albums, clothes, and concerts. Anytime he is presented anywhere near my area in a concert environment I will go watch his show. I believe he is one of the great performers when it comes to watching an entertainer perform art.

I been following Kanye West since 2010 when I fell in love with the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. His album is the most creative genius since it was inspired because of the famous incident that happened with Taylor Swift. It was his redemption to become back into the world after his incident cause a great blow to his mental health. I felt his life has been steady after that moment until he hit his anger album with it come to the album “Yeezus”. I believe this was the breaking point for him. I believe that he became addicted to fame and its slowly starting to kill him. His breaking point I saw it live when he was performing at Staples Center for his new album “The Life of Pablo” it felt different since all of sudden he walks off the stage and did not come back. Later on, he cancelled his whole “Pablo” Tour and lost millions.

Publicly it came out that he was having mental health issues. Overworking might have been the cause but it was a deep-rooted issue at this point.

Kanye West recent stunt to making a campaign rally made it come to be the self-awareness that we need during this identity politics crisis. You cannot be an independent thinker if you are you are cast off out of the human race. That is the problem with the United States of America. Like my previous blog said you cannot have any sort of independent thought if you do the thought police come and put you in jail.

I understand what Kanye West message is during the campaign rally. You are so suppose to have independent thought in this country. Imagine if you cast off every person that you disagree with politically in the end you would have no one around you. I believe this is what his message is. I believe his recent mental illness has become to the fact that he cannot be himself. He is warning us about identity politics. As a Latino, I applaud him since he is raw and authentic.  (just how I want my blog to be.)

Liberalism is the minority people’s cigarette. In the immediate aftermath of the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Democrats market to us that liberalism to us as fashionable, sophisticated, and liberating. Today it needs a surgeon general’s warning: it is hazardous to your family and the values taught as a child. It is also dangerous to one’s true self identity.

Kanye West is teaching us through his own flaws and mental health issues the power of one’s true self-awareness. We all need a bit of more self-awareness in our lives.

Peel off those layers of the onion and maybe you will your true self like Kanye West.

Big Brother is Watching You

Copyright @2002 1984 film


Imagine waking up one morning with a poster of this being on your wall. Imagine waking up to a society that does not have any sort of freedom of thought.  Imagine living in such a world.

Does it sound familiar to modern day society? Is American democracy being threatened to become a totalitarian government?

 If you have not read 1984 is a novel about the government controlling all facets of life. The government in this fictional world controls the way people write, people speak, and people read.  Winston Smith, the main character of the novel, is living in this society that controls him to a great degree yet, he has an instinct to think for himself. The rallies that are mandatory in order to support the government and alter the minds to a point to inflict pain that the government is always right or else. Winston though has not lost the sense of instinct to think for himself since he has his own diary. Thought police, thoughtcrime, Big Brother, and Newspeak are common phrases that are said repeatedly throughout the novel.

In the book 1984, Newspeak is the language invented by the totalitarian government to get people to embrace English socialism. Newspeak is help to reduce complete thoughtful language to just catchphrases. Imagine just talking in catchphrases all day such as “Freedom is Slavery” “War is Peace” “Big Brother is watching you”. It is dumb downed communication.

Our Newspeak language is standard English. Catchphrases like “systematic racism” “black lives matter” “blm”. It is dumb down communication to not get into complex ideals instead get brainwash by the modern Newspeak architects.

The goal of the language was to inhibit the freedom of thought, expression, and identity.

Social media is the modern-day Newspeak. “Systematic Racism” has been turned into a newspeak language that news organizations and people on social media can use to define any sort of communication or action that will make the majority minority uncomfortable.

Our minds are being deconstructed by Newspeak/Social Media. We are being programmed to believe that we need to fight to avenge the lives of ex-cons who resist arrest while ignoring that thousands of lives taken annually by street-gang violence, hundreds and thousands of lives taken by abortion, and millions of lives are being compromised annually by parental neglect.  We are being programmed to believe that America is super racist that this is a horrible country to live in. We are programmed to keep protesting on months end destroy cities like Portland and Seattle to the ground. We are programmed that all police are awful and we need less police in the street even though if we defund the police the crime rate would ultimately increase.

Trust me the people that hold the signs of Black Lives Matter signs and rioting in Portland and Seattle do not give a f—k about black people or about minorities. Those are not George Floyd’s friends or family members. Those are people that are chasing power. Only fools know that anyone would want to share power once someone has it. Liberals are making us believe through Newspeak that if you vote for Donald Trump thus you strongly believe in “systematic racism.”

What do the architects of the modern newspeak want to accomplish? What does the media manipulators toy daily with the emotions of the minorities such as African Americans, Latino, Asian, and everyone that is in the melting pot? Are we being used as pawns in a global political game? Is thinking differently than the majority a thoughtcrime now? Why is the modern day thought police trying to destroy American History?

The “thought police” is destroying American history such as destroying statues, destroying cities, and destroying the way that America was founded. The “thought police” is reducing the America’s entire narrative arc to slavery is a Orwellian rewriting of history. I am made to believe that America was the only evil nation that was using slavery and believe America is the lone country to be defined by that history. If you know history by any means, every organized and unorganized country during that time was using slavery. And every racial group has been a slave or enslaver. So please let’s stop this thought police from trying to destroy American democracy.

In modern day society “Big Brother” isn’t a totalitarian government that can alter the consciousness of the constituents with various forms of torture. Instead in modern day society, BIG BROTHER IS US! Each one of us is big brother. We are watching each other in the best ways and the worst ways. It is the honest truth.  Does this distract us from our physical bodies? Does this distract us from being true to ourselves? Does it make us connect to our animal spirit? But ultimately does doing this ultimately enhance our experience with humanity? Does it make us more human by being on social media watching each other go on with our lives? Those are questions that I do not have the answer but always remember BIG brother is watching you. (for some of you literally)

1984 is a novel written in the past tense. If you notice the mentioning of the government is all mention in the past tense. Thus, Orwell is making us believe that the freedom of thought and language ultimately prevail in defeating any oppression that is presented to these fundamental truths of healthy society. I hope America prevails. I hope our democracy does not end. I hope as a society we do not subdue to the Newspeak and everyone starts to talk like a common language. I hope society does not get more dumbfounded and instead gets more educated for them own selves. I hope we can remain complex special people that have the freedom of thought and expression.

Ultimately, what matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.

Enter The Matrix: Blue Pill or Red Pill

 Silicon Valley has created an artificial matrix. The matrix that we live in is the social media apps that we use in everyday has created a virtual world. The result has become that we escape reality everyday thru these apps infuse our minds so deep into it. Everyday on social media we are feed so much fear porn when it comes to the Corona-virus and the social justice movement that is happening right now in America thus we start to believe ideals that just are not true. My favorite movie scene from the movie “The Matrix” is when Neo has to decide to either take the red or blue pill to find out the truth. The truth that he is trapped inside a reality that is created by machines. Silicon Valley has created a machine and we are all sleeping in these pods not living in reality just like the movie “The Matrix.”

Does it sound familiar?

I am made to believe that America still has systematic racism. I am made to believe that we are still in the 1960’s. The year is 2020 people. We are living in the greatest country ever that lets us express freely, think freely, and create freely. I admit United States of America isn’t perfect but we are going in the right progression. Look at China, a communist country, that ultimately lied about the Coronavirus and literally destroyed the world’s economy and killed people is a socialist country that live in a Orwellian society of “1984”. They have no basic human rights at all. Do you want to live in a society like this? I do not. Systematic Racism for me was the Jim Crow laws and Plessy V Ferguson (1896), the separate but equal doctrine that existed during the 1960’s. Yet, people still made to believe that systematic racism exists when it has been repealed for over 50 years now. I do understand where people are getting all their info from the matrix of Silicon Valley.

Everyday people’s minds are feed that America is the most racist country that ever existed. I believe people are now trying to control how people think. I will never think for anyone; I only think for myself. If you like my opinions or hate my opinion you could always talk to me about it. I love to engage with my audience and have a discussion. I am a strong believer in the first amendment and Ass. I love girls who have a booty. Look at my Instagram feed most women that I follow must have a booty or I won’t follow them. (I am exercising my first amendment right here. It’s a joke but so truthful). I love to have a blog where I can freely express my opinion which many of you love since I am thoughtful and I provoke critical thinking within your life.

Yet, people rededicate their whole Instagram feeds to being about Black Lives Matter. (Yes I am talking about you people on social media and about you Dayana.) In which most people do not even though the mayor of their city, House Representative, Senator Representatives, and Governors. They do not know the name of them yet, they want change. For me this is the hypocritical part of the equation. Do not ask for change. Just do it. Change your mentality.

This whole world isn’t rigged against you because the color of your skin or cause of discrimination it is because of you believing false fallacies. Many people will try to trip you in life but it is your job to push them to side and keep going. If people still want to stay stuck in the 1960’s let them but why cannot you not think for yourself.

Let me be Morpheus for a moment and offer you the red and blue pill moment right in front of you. You can take the blue pill you will remind in the world that Silicon Valley and remain a mental slave to the app that is controlling your mental state. You can take the red pill follow me down the rabbit hole free yourself and start to think for yourself. Screw thinking for yourself but instead believe in yourself. I certainly do since I freely express my thoughts even though people think I am ridiculous and a bigot.

I understand that I do not pass most people’s political litmus test cause how come a Latino be a moderate and not be a democrat and support Joe Biden in the presidential election. I am not sorry. I am just being myself..  Believe in yourself! Think for yourself! May God Bless America!

To be Red or To be Blue the choice is within you…

You Cannot Spell BLM Without MLB.

America’s pastime has officially been back for a couple days now. The whole nation is back to watching sports again. This pandemic has made me come to the completely appreciation of sports into my life as the pastime to get away from reality. I love to watch baseball. I have been a big fan since my younger years. I still remember the moment where I was when the Angels won the World Series back in 2002 and that moment has stayed in my heart. The best moments and happiest moments of my life have been spent in a baseball game at a stadium enjoying America’s pastime. I feel though that baseball is now under attack.

Players knelt during the national anthem in opening day of Major League Baseball. This is a bad move. Baseball is already struggling with ratings since the sport has become too regionalized and its boring for the average fan. I did love the new league rule changes when it comes to the game like a universal DH and if more than 10 innings starting with a runner on second. The game becomes an offensive show that is what people enjoy watching. People love to watch offense and do not love to watch defense except the purists who enjoy the game.

People do not come to watch sports for the politics. People do not want to be shoved politics during a relaxing part of the day to escape reality and drink a beer. Instead we are being shown a mascot. The mascot of BLM.

BLM is becoming major corporations’ mascot. The mascot that everyone supposedly loves. A Karl Marxist organization has become the lovable pet that everyone is patting in the head. The mascot is being plastered everywhere to fight off accusations of systematic racism. I will say it again systematic racism does not exist anymore. I never knelt before in my life to anyone except to God. It is going to stay that way cause that is my belief.

These gestures do not fight discrimination. And they do not prevent the next batch of riots happening. And they do not provide for any sort of change in the justice system. The rioters have been awarded. Anarchy has been rewarded.

Please inform athletes that taking a knee is becoming a fad like skinny jeans did during my high school years. I never took any fad seriously except the fad of being Gothic in my younger years but like any fad it dies off eventually. Taking a knee is becoming a three year old fad, crossed over and is the preferred gesture of people disconnected from “the culture.”  Look at what the NBA and WNBA is doing maybe MLB should learn from what they are doing.

Breonna Taylor is the new gesture for social justice. The new gesture that is being filtered into sports. Talk about it has become the new gesture when it comes to the social media universe. I am going to try to dive deep into the rabbit hole.

Taylor’s death was tragic. Three police officers went into her apartment executed a no knock search warrant to get into the premises. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, has stated in multiple interviews with the Internal Affairs unit that he fired the first shot. Thus the police responded firing back 22 shots thus 8 shots hit Taylor.

Because Taylor’s boyfriend shot first, there’s zero chance for the officers to be convicted in a public trail since the REASONABLE DOUBT is so high in this case. An arrest and trail would cost Kentucky taxpayer money and with the result being non guilty would spark another national upside of riots that are more deadly and costly.

That is not written to suggest the Louisville police did nothing wrong but everything they did they did legally obtain through the judge that issued the warrant. I understand no drugs was found on the premises.  I understand Taylor was shot eight times. But “beyond a reasonable doubt” is an impossible bar to leap when a policeman is shot first and when a judge signs a search warrant. Like or not if it goes to trail, the police will justify their actions and blame Kenneth Walker for Taylor’s death. Listening to the tapes that are public on YouTube and other websites Kenneth Walker firing first is the nail of the coffin in the case if the policemen are arrested.

A healthy lifestyle does not consist of promoting racial animus and second guessing white police officers. Black Lives Matter is a political offshoot organization trying to destroy American valves like family, democracy, and freedom.

What happened on March 13, 2020 was tragic. The tragedy ultimately was caused by her trigger-happy boyfriend and potentially sloppy police investigation that was ongoing. Professional sport leagues, celebrities, and athletes are using the Breonna Taylor’s death to enrich themselves and build brands is the most tragic as her horrific death.