Enter The Matrix: Blue Pill or Red Pill

 Silicon Valley has created an artificial matrix. The matrix that we live in is the social media apps that we use in everyday has created a virtual world. The result has become that we escape reality everyday thru these apps infuse our minds so deep into it. Everyday on social media we are feed so much fear porn when it comes to the Corona-virus and the social justice movement that is happening right now in America thus we start to believe ideals that just are not true. My favorite movie scene from the movie “The Matrix” is when Neo has to decide to either take the red or blue pill to find out the truth. The truth that he is trapped inside a reality that is created by machines. Silicon Valley has created a machine and we are all sleeping in these pods not living in reality just like the movie “The Matrix.”

Does it sound familiar?

I am made to believe that America still has systematic racism. I am made to believe that we are still in the 1960’s. The year is 2020 people. We are living in the greatest country ever that lets us express freely, think freely, and create freely. I admit United States of America isn’t perfect but we are going in the right progression. Look at China, a communist country, that ultimately lied about the Coronavirus and literally destroyed the world’s economy and killed people is a socialist country that live in a Orwellian society of “1984”. They have no basic human rights at all. Do you want to live in a society like this? I do not. Systematic Racism for me was the Jim Crow laws and Plessy V Ferguson (1896), the separate but equal doctrine that existed during the 1960’s. Yet, people still made to believe that systematic racism exists when it has been repealed for over 50 years now. I do understand where people are getting all their info from the matrix of Silicon Valley.

Everyday people’s minds are feed that America is the most racist country that ever existed. I believe people are now trying to control how people think. I will never think for anyone; I only think for myself. If you like my opinions or hate my opinion you could always talk to me about it. I love to engage with my audience and have a discussion. I am a strong believer in the first amendment and Ass. I love girls who have a booty. Look at my Instagram feed most women that I follow must have a booty or I won’t follow them. (I am exercising my first amendment right here. It’s a joke but so truthful). I love to have a blog where I can freely express my opinion which many of you love since I am thoughtful and I provoke critical thinking within your life.

Yet, people rededicate their whole Instagram feeds to being about Black Lives Matter. (Yes I am talking about you people on social media and about you Dayana.) In which most people do not even though the mayor of their city, House Representative, Senator Representatives, and Governors. They do not know the name of them yet, they want change. For me this is the hypocritical part of the equation. Do not ask for change. Just do it. Change your mentality.

This whole world isn’t rigged against you because the color of your skin or cause of discrimination it is because of you believing false fallacies. Many people will try to trip you in life but it is your job to push them to side and keep going. If people still want to stay stuck in the 1960’s let them but why cannot you not think for yourself.

Let me be Morpheus for a moment and offer you the red and blue pill moment right in front of you. You can take the blue pill you will remind in the world that Silicon Valley and remain a mental slave to the app that is controlling your mental state. You can take the red pill follow me down the rabbit hole free yourself and start to think for yourself. Screw thinking for yourself but instead believe in yourself. I certainly do since I freely express my thoughts even though people think I am ridiculous and a bigot.

I understand that I do not pass most people’s political litmus test cause how come a Latino be a moderate and not be a democrat and support Joe Biden in the presidential election. I am not sorry. I am just being myself..  Believe in yourself! Think for yourself! May God Bless America!

To be Red or To be Blue the choice is within you…

Author: Ruben Tinajero

My name is Ruben. I am passion for trading, writing, and roller coasters.

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