Police Brutality isn’t a white or black problem.

Police brutality should not be the province of social media hashtags; they should be a legitimate issue addressed cohesively and intelligently by people of all races and ethnic groups. But instead, they aren’t. Police brutality isn’t a racial problem; it’s a societal problem.

Social media is supposed to be the primed way to connect us in ways we could only have ever dreamed of accomplishing. Instead, it’s a series of warring tribes of people all over the internet- white, black, republican and democrat, pro and anti-second amendment; it’s nearly impossible to have a rational discussion online today.

Everyone hates everyone on social media. Its just a cesspool of hate. That is the problem.

I find myself always viewing social media as a tool to get smarter than the average person since most people do not look at facts themselves. The insanity from the left- and the right-wing spectrum is what is affecting our country. The facts get lost in the blunder of passion and anger instead of flourishing into the network of ideas that can help us prosper as a society and as a country. The best hashtag to use here isn’t #blacklivesmatter or #allllives matter. The best hashtag to use is #factsmatter.

The killing of George Floyd recently been posted all over the internet has called for outrage of protests. Yes, you can protest with a shirt, shoe, and using a hashtag. For me, instead is the AND. And then what? What are you going to do about it? Most of you do not even vote in elections. Most of you do not know your congressman’s name or where his office is. For me, it’s essential okay to protest and then what?

I trust the Justice Department will investigate everything thoroughly. If the police are at fault, they should be charged.

I seek information on police shootings based on race online. White people get more killed than black people. Here is the article to prove it. (https://www.statista.com/statistics/585152/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-race)

 That is why we should not polarize the issue with race instead try to get everyone involved to have a discussion. That is why I was against people kneeling during the national anthem because it is not doing anything for the issue to be a uniform issue. Instead, you created the discussion of the problem of kneeling during the national anthem.

The issue is that the only stories I see on social media and the media are of white police officers doing police brutality to black people or killing black people. I believe that this is a problem since it only represents a tiny percentage of the overall police shootings.

I beg for you to look at the facts and make a rational decision for yourself. America is a great nation yet; we all look frightened to even have an intelligent discussion about the issue.

Races aren’t at war. There has never been a time in our nation’s history when all the races get along than today. I believe America is a great nation that can fix this issue.

Why live in fear?

We are not using our brains. We are allowing fear and emotion to dictate our responses. Hashtags and social media aren’t a search for justice. They are evidence of false fear.

Its time for intelligent people of all races and creeds to start to push back against false narratives designed to divide and scare us at a time when we need unity.

The use of police force isn’t a white, black, brown, or yellow issue; it’s an American issue: the solution doesn’t come from one of our factions, it comes from all of them.

The 5th Pillar of the Coronavirus

The 5th pillar of the Coronavirus is social media. It demanded a uniformity opinion akin to the response I believe everyone saw in the wake of 9/11. There were so many brilliant epidemiologists at Stanford, Oxford, Harvard, and Yale challenging the conventional wisdom of the COVID-19 models that were predicting millions of deaths. People on social media were shutting down the people from Stanford, Oxford, Harvard, and Yale. People on social media insisted if you advocated for anything other than a complete shutdown of the United States of America, honestly, you did not care about people dying. I was part of the group that was challenging the conventional wisdom, and I got so many direct messages just filled with emotion. (we shall look upon this further later on.)

We saw an eerie echo of 9/11 to how the nation responded to the corona virus.

I believe that my generation was still too young when 9/11 happened, so upon research, if anyone who suggested it might not be the smartest decision to go to the Middle East and begin a never-ending war was shutdown as unpatriotic. You would be considered a terrorist and anti-patriotic.

(I would like to take the time to recognize the fallen on this Memorial Day. To my cousins who served in the Iraq war, I thank you! Everyone else that served in any war, I must thank you! )

Social media mobs ran violently rampant online (like they always do) policing anyone who dared question any element of conventional wisdom.

What was the result you may ask?

After 9/11, we stumbled into a trillion-dollar response with remarkably minimal debate. Just like the Corona Virus!

Look now let’s think about this!

Aren’t we all able to acknowledge that no one is pro death!?

Not on social media.

Anytime I shared any positivity about the Coronavirus other than the doom and gloom forecast, I got judged like there was no tomorrow for being a mad man. I would get endless messages saying that I was crazy, and I needed to take things more seriously.  The point is that many people were pro-death, and that is a shame.

Let’s make this clear social media’s fuel isn’t reason or logic; it’s emotion. And emotion, especially in times of crisis, is often the worst leader of all.

Social media requires an oversimplified disneyfied sense of right and wrong, good and evil. No one in real life is all good or all evil; on social media, everyone is, all day long, every day. Social media is the worst invention in the times of crisis because it encourages rapid emotional response and discourages deep thinking and reason.

Smart public policy requires a robust and uninhibited public debate on all issues. We saw none of this when it came to the coronavirus. NONE! As a result, our public policy has not been as good as it could have been. Although our knowledge of the virus remains, spartan anyone who challenged conventional wisdom got shut down.

Our fifth pillar is that the network of ideas in how to combat the coronavirus was shutdown and social media’s policing of dissenting thought.

The 6th Pillars of The Coronavirus

The sixth pillar of the coronavirus I want you to think about is that experts are notoriously unreliable in all fields; we treat them as if they are gods and infallible.

 My favorite course when I was in college was Business law. The old lady walked into the room said, “ Now, you will be asked business law legal questions, and with a bit of shame, you can say you do not know.” Now, after this rigorous course, you can say at the end, “it depends.”

It’s amazing how much truth is in the quote above. Let me explain.

I wanted to be a lawyer and a computer science major when I went to college. Lawyers are exciting people that have a unique understanding of how much we do not know but also how much a fact pattern could mean. Lawyers have to study endlessly precedents set by the past court decisions to use them as fact patterns to apply them as present realities. That’s why put two lawyers together in a room and give an opinion about a legal dispute you can always find out both will disagree. Law is complex, fact matters a huge deal, and the adversarial system of the law means that you will not find out the truth via consensus but via mental combat.

When someone tells me I am an expert I become skeptical more than other people do.

I do not believe experts intentionally attempt to get things wrong-far from it- but because studies have shown time and time again, they are notoriously bad at predicting future outcomes from their field of expertise. Over this coronavirus pandemic, I read a book by David Epstein called “Range: Why Generalists Triumph In a Specialized World.” A chapter in the book discusses the case that I am making against experts. I wish more people were skeptical.

When this outbreak happened, I got terrified and petrified by the number of people treated epidemiologists as Gods and can see the future. Time after time, I believe that experts are often worse than the smart general public at predicting what’s going to happen.

I am not only skeptical of experts but also skeptical of anyone telling me they would predict something that hasn’t happen in hundreds of years. When Imperial College released a coronavirus model projecting-millions of deaths- it wasn’t just utterly unfounded by existing data anywhere else in the world. (https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/196496/coronavirus-pandemic-could-have-caused-40) The suggestion that the model was saying is that an event would take place that has never happened in the United States, an epidemic that would kill millions of people. (Prior outbreaks featuring Old World diseases in the New World have certainly killed millions, but they predated America’s founding.)

Now let us look at the facts from a logical standpoint. If South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore four countries put together with a population of nearly 200 million people, we’re able to keep the death count down to 500, why was the United States, with a population of 327 million, going to have over two million deaths? And heck, why was England, with a population one-fourth as large as those Asian countries going to have a death toll of 500,000?

 Now think about it!

These numbers above make zero sense! Zero!

Yet, these are the numbers that the experts were saying the deaths will be.

I believe that everyone was way into the fear porn, driven to high levels of anxiety by the embracement of the media and social media fear porn, many people rushed to leave rational thought behind and think only of the worst-case scenario. (Imagine it was hard to get water bottles and toilet paper. The embracement of fear porn caused this.)

Do things get better about this?

Absolutely not!

Social media made it much worst. Social media insisted on a uniform agreement, all dissent was policed like an iron fist.

Social media didn’t become a marketplace of ideas like it should be instead it became a totalitarian regime. I remember when I was posting my opinion about the virus that I would get horrible messages that I was insane since I did not agree with their opinion. I dislike it when people don’t know how to have intelligent discussions. If you’re just using emotion to have a conversation and you do not have facts to back it up then just stop. DO me a favor and do your own research yourself. I had to tolerate endless direct messages saying that my opinion was crazy. I honestly was the word of reason on social media and to those that appreciate my opinion I thank you.

Our sixth pillar of the coronavirus was social media policing about opinions and insisting you embrace the direst consequences imaginable.


The 7th Pillar of the Coronavirus

The 7 Pillars of the Coronavirus should be taken in the context as takeaways from what has been happening in the last 2 months. I did tons of research for the following that I am going to write from multiple sources. I will be writing 7 different blogs about the current world events.

The 7th pillar for me is the politicization of the Coronavirus. I consider myself a moderate or a middle of the road type of person when it comes to politics. I like to listen to both sides and make the best decision at the moment. I’m a unique person since I believe that I live in the city that majority of people hate Donald Trump and every time I mention he is doing an okay job I get viewed as the crazy person. I don’t love or hate Donald Trump. I do not think he is the best or the worst president of my lifetime. I am rooting to vote for him in 2020 even I did not vote for him or Hilary in 2016. I voted independent that year. The problem is that I believe only 10 percent of the people could say what I said.

I believe this was the last way to stop Donald Trump from the Democratic party perspective. Collusion, Russia, sex scandals, impeachment, and other things has been fueled for the past three years for the democrats to take him out of office. They finally saw the Coronavirus as the President Trump destroyer. The viral asteroid was supposed to kill the orange dinosaur that lives in a white house once and for all!

Let’s take a look how people saw this virus from a political standpoint. Everyone abandoned logic when this virus started to hit the United States. The rational thought everywhere including the toxicity of social media was to embrace the worst possible scenarios. Millions will die! Failures of the White House! The scandal would end Donald Trump once and for all!

Let’s get this straight just like Russia and collusion and impeachment, it is not going to happen. So just stop!

This virus should have never been politicized in the first place. The toxicity of the left wing and the corresponding defense of the right wing make this a political issue. That’s the problem with America at the moment instead of rooting for America to prosper and come together to defeat the invisible enemy we did the opposite. We made this a battle over the 2020 election. Once the election season comes around, we will be a 50-50 nation again and I believe three states in the Midwest are going to decide the election like last time.  (Check out the map from 270 to win https://www.270towin.com/maps/N43Pd. To see that literally three states decided the election the Midwest).

The nation is going to be in the same situation as before. 45% of the nation convinced that Donald Trump can do no wrong and with 45% of the American public convinced Donald Trump can only do wrong.  The other 10 percent watching from the fences to see what will happen within the next couple months to make a voting decision. The next six months arguing will be about whose to blame about the Coronavirus.

Everything has change or has it not changed. That’s the question.

Welcome to my Beautiful Mind!

The first blog post of the website ever will be about the reason of why I started this blog. I always love to write ever since my younger vulnerable years. I believe writing is like therapy and everyone should write every day.  I want to create a space for my mind to express my thoughts and feelings about various topics in our everyday lives freely and without judgment cause in all honestly, I do not care if you read this. Seriously, I made this website for myself to create a space to de-clutter my mind with my everyday thoughts.  I would love to thank the people on my Instagram that I have had deep conversations about random topics that I post on my stories. I feel people need to understand people’s opinions and just have a conversation that involves arguing intelligently. The blog would be a way for me to interact with different backgrounds and get everyone’s feedback on my writing. Also, writing one blog post a day would improve my writing to a different level of skill that has been one of my goals this year. I hope to get positive and negative feedback because I will embrace everything. The theme of the blog is black and white is that I will write exactly what I think. You will see with the layout.

During this Coronavirus quarantine, we are so bored that we are all binge-watching our favorite television shows. I decided to re-watch one of my favorite television shows   the football show “Friday Night Lights.” The setting takes in a small fictional ranch town of Dillon, Texas where football is the heart and soul of the city. A specific scene brought water into my eye where the football coach, Eric Taylor, addresses the team in the locker room down at halftime during the championship game. The speech said the following, “Every man at some point in his life is going to lose a battle. He’s going to fight, and he’s going to lose. But what makes him a man is that amid that battle, he does not lose himself.” Last five months, I was in a personal “battle” that I accept full responsibility for being in this situation with a person called woman D. The situation took a huge emotional toll on my mind that it left me thinking of this quote. I change during these five months and thus of the result, I lost my identity. I lost the battle of “love”. (I am going to be honest this wasn’t love; its an obsession). I was losing the most precious thing more than love that is life. I became obsessive with an image that does not exist. She is a completely different person that people painted me with. Throughout the five months,  I thought she was the Sistine chapel of Michelangelo instead she just a regular plain old iPhone picture.  In reality, the image that I had of her got filled with disappointment and dysentery. I am left appalled. I became obsessed with the idea that she is the perfect woman. In reality, no one is perfect and I learn that the hard way. The hard way is that I attempted suicide not once not twice but three times because of YOU. You left me in a dark place but I am now ready to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To people that have suicidal thoughts just know your not alone. Seek help like I did. I have my own therapist for about two years already just know that seeking help is okay.  Yes, this person put me in this dark place within my mind. I believe everything she said about me and what was going on. Just know that it is not true. You have friends and family that love you. Just because this one person that you think is the “love of your life” tells you horrible things about yourself just know that is not true. It doesn’t matter what that person thinks about you. Who are they anyways? Repeat after me, you will not waste time and energy with people that do not want to be in your life. Now repeat that three times and you will see how you feel. The difference it will make. Listen to the real friends around you and most important of all is your family. Like J cole says, “Love yourz.”

 You can be attached to what’s already gone-the past- and to what is not here yet-the future. But you can never be attached to what is happening right now- the present. The present can only be experienced as it happening. The moment that you seek to grasp it, it’s already gone. They were moments with women D I would love to relive again. Those 5 mins at the wedding of dancing will be a moment that I will always remember. You giving me a piece of candy accepting my friendship again. (long story). Yet, those already happen already past I got to live in the now moment. Reality is your gone. You decided to leave my life and I wish you nothing but the best. To women D I forgive you. Mostly importantly of all…

I let you go.

For those who are single, dateless and stressing about it like me. Take a moment to consider the following…

When you sit at a baseball game and she or he is three seats down you are wondering in your head if you like you why not wonder if you will like them?

When you sit there talking about yourself why not let them talk about themselves?

When they judge you for “showing off” when talking about yourself consider maybe they do not understand you as a person?

When you feel the neediness to impress them instead of that wonder if they can impress you?

When you sit there sit there across them thinking what to say to like them instead what will they say to make you like them?

When you wait around for a reply from a dm or text message, instead you could find something else to do while they wait for your reply?

When you worry if your tall enough, good looking enough, or skinny enough why don’t you decide at that moment whether they are too superficial to recognize your great qualities as a person?

When it comes to sitting across the table from them and think of perfect date scenarios, why don’t you decide if she or he really likes you why need a perfect date?

When you want to look for a conversation they will enjoy why not wonder if you could talk about something that you enjoy?

When feeling insecure about how you feel and how good you are in bed, why not wonder how good they are in bed?

When you constantly look for their approval why not decide if give yours instead?

When you wonder how to make that person your friend would you even want this person to be your friend?

Now if your getting upset about the reason why they do not to be with you, you could decide that means you honestly shouldn’t want to be with them?

 When you get a nice welcome to a new place gift to a mutual friend of theirs in example a dinner table if she or he is judge mental and envious why would you want to be with this person?

When you sit across from them and ignore you why not choose to ignore them instead?

If she or he judges every aspect of the way you treat her mutual friends that you share with her realize that maybe she or he does not have friends and is superficial.

If you realize that this person does not have a best friend ask yourself why?

These questions that you may see above will sound selfish. I would love to take a different perspective when it comes it. I believe it is strong boundaries. Strong boundaries are hard to develop and with life experience you will. I believe these questions are also those of high self-esteem. I made the mistake of making time for a person that honestly did not deserve any of my time. Time that I will never get back. Like one of my friends said, thank god it was only 5 months. Make time for people that are interested to be in your life not the other way around. Only be interested in dating people who are interested in dating you for how you are and who you are. I did the cardinal sin of all. I worried so much what will make someone else happy instead of what will me happy. Looking for a person that meets my needs instead of meeting theirs. Changing one’s true self to become who you want to be not what others want you to be. To be or not to be. That is, one’s true question.

Maybe your thinking the following and bear with me: your not good-looking enough, experience or cool enough to decide if someone else is good enough for you.

That sort of thinking is what gets me in trouble in the first place. It’s time to change your mind and mind.

You’re the only one who gets to live your life. Take it seriously. Have standards.

People are genuinely attracted to someone they can respect, to someone they can trust. If you’re constantly looking for approval for what to say and how to feel, how could anyone respect or trust you?

The questions above that I made are designed to change your mind—to change your mind about how you are going about dating and going about meeting new people.

Maybe you’ve searched for tactics or strategies to make others attracted to you, to make them want to be with you, to lust for you, to stay with you and this mindset is just unattractive.

This mindset creates your anxiety, your insecurity, your need to impress others, to try too hard, to say or do things that don’t feel like the real you.

You are what attracts (or repels) others — not the words, not the strategies. If you aren’t happy with the results you get, then it’s time to improve you.

This new mindset leads to attractive behavior. It helps you freely express yourself. It removes the fear of rejection and being insufficient.

I don’t care how attractive anyone else says they are. Are they good enough for you? Hot body, great job, impressive social circle, but do you enjoy being around them? Are you ready to leave on a dime if they offend you or break your trust?

If not, that’s probably why you’re not with them in the first place.

The only real dating advice is self-improvement. Work on yourself. Conquer your anxieties. Resolve your shame. Take care of yourself and those who are important to you. Love yourself. Otherwise, no one else will.

Now let’s talk about a topic that is kind of controversial well at least for me Friendship. I have mutual friends with women D that I really love. To Jerry’s wife aka Maria (inside joke hopefully you laugh), Jerry, and Miguel I owe a deep apology. Our friendship grow not cause of her like she said to me repeatedly it was cause of her but rather you somehow like me for me. My quirkiness and weirdness did not bother you like she said but rather you embrace it and for that I thank you. I am not weird but rather a unique person that just thinks differently than everyone else. She said to me repeatedly that you were my friend cause of the money or the things I buy for you guys but now that I think of it is not true. Ruben, we do not have like you is something that I heard repeatedly when I was planning things with her like going to Universal Studios or our trip to Hawaii with the family. I would always think why she would mention as “we” as in the friends. The “one we should not name” told me so many things about my friends and said all these terrible things I believe to be true but looking at from another prespective I do not see it as true anymore. I believe “the one we should not name” did all of this as a purpose to sabotage my friendships. To the friends that I stated above that I love you all. To my friend Jason and Liza that I had those dark conversations with just thanks for being my friend and being there for me. I would not have done it without you guys support as well. To my sister I love you too. Anyways, the point is friends and family will be there. The real ones stay and the superficial leave. I would love to end this on a great note. I will be focus on trading and mentoring since I got some interest in my mentoring. I will keep working hard on my self-improvement in my mental health, physical health, career and relationships with people. Like my role model Lebron James says.

Strive for Greatness

With love Ruben.