Police Brutality isn’t a white or black problem.

Police brutality should not be the province of social media hashtags; they should be a legitimate issue addressed cohesively and intelligently by people of all races and ethnic groups. But instead, they aren’t. Police brutality isn’t a racial problem; it’s a societal problem.

Social media is supposed to be the primed way to connect us in ways we could only have ever dreamed of accomplishing. Instead, it’s a series of warring tribes of people all over the internet- white, black, republican and democrat, pro and anti-second amendment; it’s nearly impossible to have a rational discussion online today.

Everyone hates everyone on social media. Its just a cesspool of hate. That is the problem.

I find myself always viewing social media as a tool to get smarter than the average person since most people do not look at facts themselves. The insanity from the left- and the right-wing spectrum is what is affecting our country. The facts get lost in the blunder of passion and anger instead of flourishing into the network of ideas that can help us prosper as a society and as a country. The best hashtag to use here isn’t #blacklivesmatter or #allllives matter. The best hashtag to use is #factsmatter.

The killing of George Floyd recently been posted all over the internet has called for outrage of protests. Yes, you can protest with a shirt, shoe, and using a hashtag. For me, instead is the AND. And then what? What are you going to do about it? Most of you do not even vote in elections. Most of you do not know your congressman’s name or where his office is. For me, it’s essential okay to protest and then what?

I trust the Justice Department will investigate everything thoroughly. If the police are at fault, they should be charged.

I seek information on police shootings based on race online. White people get more killed than black people. Here is the article to prove it. (https://www.statista.com/statistics/585152/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-race)

 That is why we should not polarize the issue with race instead try to get everyone involved to have a discussion. That is why I was against people kneeling during the national anthem because it is not doing anything for the issue to be a uniform issue. Instead, you created the discussion of the problem of kneeling during the national anthem.

The issue is that the only stories I see on social media and the media are of white police officers doing police brutality to black people or killing black people. I believe that this is a problem since it only represents a tiny percentage of the overall police shootings.

I beg for you to look at the facts and make a rational decision for yourself. America is a great nation yet; we all look frightened to even have an intelligent discussion about the issue.

Races aren’t at war. There has never been a time in our nation’s history when all the races get along than today. I believe America is a great nation that can fix this issue.

Why live in fear?

We are not using our brains. We are allowing fear and emotion to dictate our responses. Hashtags and social media aren’t a search for justice. They are evidence of false fear.

Its time for intelligent people of all races and creeds to start to push back against false narratives designed to divide and scare us at a time when we need unity.

The use of police force isn’t a white, black, brown, or yellow issue; it’s an American issue: the solution doesn’t come from one of our factions, it comes from all of them.

Author: Ruben Tinajero

My name is Ruben. I am passion for trading, writing, and roller coasters.

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