Surviving the Worst Kind of Rejection

Rejection happens everywhere: the bar, party, or someone that has another partner. Those rejections are common. There is a type of rejection that hurts a lot more than anything else. I call it the Worst Kind of Rejection.

A type of rejection that hurts a lot more than when we meet someone that we have gotten close to and whose opinion matters to us. When this person that we hold in high esteem rejects us it becomes extremely painful and it is really painful because we think that this person has smart views on life and people. They have made a decision to not be with us.

A couple of things that I need to remember about this rejection. This could happen to anyone on this planet. It does not matter who you are, it does not matter where you from and it does not matter what you have. Sometimes we make it very personal and we make it about ourselves. That’s when we start saying, “if someone that great didn’t want me then there is something wrong with me? I must not be as great as that person.” Sometimes the hardest thing in the world when we think we are great and someone we think is great to tell us they don’t want us. It is a really tough thing to go through and it bruises our egos. It leaves us wondering if we are as great as we are?

I have to remember this from this perspective.  There are times in my life that I rejected great people. There are times in my life I let go of a great thing. There are times in my life that I overlooked a great thing. I always try to see the sunny side of things.

Just because someone is great does not mean they do not have the potential to be wrong. The complexity of life is the beautiful dark twisted fantasy of it all. It can be more complex than someone else comes through their life if the shiny object does everything they like at the moment short term.  On closer inspection, they do not have all the great qualities that you do but unfortunately, you are losing out right now and they seem that they have everything in the moment. Sometimes in life, people make bad decisions or maybe it is the right decision for them. Maybe there is someone better for us than this person. This person that we hold in such high esteem is not the person for us. Maybe they have qualities we like and that’s important of course but people we going to be with have qualities that we like but also, has more qualities that we didn’t know we like.

The important idea from all of this is that I continue to work on myself. I continue to work to make the most incredible person I can possibly be.  We keep searching for people that have great qualities that you’re the person that I want to be with.

At the moment I cannot be friends with you. It just at the moment, not something that I can do. I rather just have my space and just let things be. I get it you want to be friends and on good terms, at the moment it’s just not possible. I have to worry about my own life.

Someone telling you they do not want to be with you is CLOSURE. It doesn’t matter why.  The reason it doesn’t matter because reality doesn’t change. There are her reasons and there’s your reality. Your reality is the one you have to worry about because this is your life…

As Always….