The 7th Pillar of the Coronavirus

The 7 Pillars of the Coronavirus should be taken in the context as takeaways from what has been happening in the last 2 months. I did tons of research for the following that I am going to write from multiple sources. I will be writing 7 different blogs about the current world events.

The 7th pillar for me is the politicization of the Coronavirus. I consider myself a moderate or a middle of the road type of person when it comes to politics. I like to listen to both sides and make the best decision at the moment. I’m a unique person since I believe that I live in the city that majority of people hate Donald Trump and every time I mention he is doing an okay job I get viewed as the crazy person. I don’t love or hate Donald Trump. I do not think he is the best or the worst president of my lifetime. I am rooting to vote for him in 2020 even I did not vote for him or Hilary in 2016. I voted independent that year. The problem is that I believe only 10 percent of the people could say what I said.

I believe this was the last way to stop Donald Trump from the Democratic party perspective. Collusion, Russia, sex scandals, impeachment, and other things has been fueled for the past three years for the democrats to take him out of office. They finally saw the Coronavirus as the President Trump destroyer. The viral asteroid was supposed to kill the orange dinosaur that lives in a white house once and for all!

Let’s take a look how people saw this virus from a political standpoint. Everyone abandoned logic when this virus started to hit the United States. The rational thought everywhere including the toxicity of social media was to embrace the worst possible scenarios. Millions will die! Failures of the White House! The scandal would end Donald Trump once and for all!

Let’s get this straight just like Russia and collusion and impeachment, it is not going to happen. So just stop!

This virus should have never been politicized in the first place. The toxicity of the left wing and the corresponding defense of the right wing make this a political issue. That’s the problem with America at the moment instead of rooting for America to prosper and come together to defeat the invisible enemy we did the opposite. We made this a battle over the 2020 election. Once the election season comes around, we will be a 50-50 nation again and I believe three states in the Midwest are going to decide the election like last time.  (Check out the map from 270 to win To see that literally three states decided the election the Midwest).

The nation is going to be in the same situation as before. 45% of the nation convinced that Donald Trump can do no wrong and with 45% of the American public convinced Donald Trump can only do wrong.  The other 10 percent watching from the fences to see what will happen within the next couple months to make a voting decision. The next six months arguing will be about whose to blame about the Coronavirus.

Everything has change or has it not changed. That’s the question.

Author: Ruben Tinajero

My name is Ruben. I am passion for trading, writing, and roller coasters.

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